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The  managing, marketing and advertisement company, WestaHomes specializes in finding land, analyzing market value of properties and evaluating positive aspects of each potential purchase.  We actively promote projects through online social network (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), as well as networks already established by our real estate partners.

WestaHomes enlightens out-of-state and out-of-country residents, who are looking to relocate to Washington, about some of our amazing homes through email and mailing campaigns. We have developed strong business relationships with major real estate firms through Washington, several major cities nationwide and international.  WestaHomes is a member of FIABCI (International Real Estate Federation), the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.

WHY WestaHomes

The Architecture of the Greater Seattle Area is heavily influenced by the styles and the cultures of the people that live within it. The population of immigrants from other states, as well as other countries outside North America continues to grow shaping and connecting the city to the styles of other major cities around the world. As the millennium progresses, Architecture reflects the shift in style to the increasingly more modern and contemporary. Seattle, as well as other major cities around the world are able to enjoy the simplicity, efficiency and visual luxury these styles bring.

Seattle, the Emerald City, is one of the most environmentally innovative urban areas you can find. Through reducing pollution and waste while increasing popularity in green buildings, this city takes pride in caring for the environment. Living in your own durable and energy-efficient home made from durable, environmentally-friendly and health-prolonging materials is intriguing and fulfilling.  Our Homes not only respond to the demand for large, luxurious, yet environmentally-friendly modern homes, but rather excels, by molding each home into a masterpiece.

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